U.S. EPA Challenge Stimulates E-Waste Recycling Industry

U.S. EPA Challenge Stimulates E-Waste Recycling Industry

The US Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) Sustainable Materials Management ( SMM ) Electronics Challenge launch is underway. The goal of the initiative is establishing electronics recycling and refurbishing as an industry standard and drastically reducing toxic landfill waste. Magnolia Data Solutions, LLC  is proud to support this initiative and continues to educate its clients about reducing the impact of e-waste on the environment.

Already the US generates almost 2.5 million tons of electronic waste a year and that number continues to grow. Used electronics have harmful chemicals in them that can be recovered and recycled, reducing environmental impact and reducing economic costs for new products.

There is a huge supply of used electronic devices that can be refurbished and all electronic equipment can be recycled. Therefore the Recycling Industry is adopting standards such as Responsible Recycling (R2). Magnolia Data Solutions is currently Mississippi’s only R2 certified electronic recycler. R2 is becoming a recognized as the fastest growing standard in the electronic recycling industry. It focuses on the Electronic Recycling industry-specific issues of data security, environmental accountability, worker and public health and material accountability through final disposition.

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02 2013


Hard Drive Data Destruction

Magnolia Data Solutions Data Destruction process is the most effective way to ensure compliant hard drive and/or media destruction for all regulations. As a recycling company our primary goal is to protect the integrity of our clients data. We don’t just provide you with a Certificate of Destruction. We also provide you with a Manufacture & Serial Number log for all hard drives that we shred and destruct. This provides you with extra security when it comes to privacy laws. Our Facility Has Installed Security cages for access control and surveillance cameras covering the entire facility.

Our Compliant Hard Drive Shredding Process

  1. Arrive at our client’s facility with our state of the art Portable Hard Drive Shredder
  2. Retrieve all hard drives from shred bins provided or from clients location
  3. Destroy each hard drive in our 150HD  Shredder. For large quantities our 750HD will be deployed.
  4. Provide the client with a serialized list of hard drives destroyed along with a corresponding Affidavit of Destruction (Documentary Evidence of Destruction)
  5. Encourage the client to witness the destruction process  if onsite services are contracted. If off site services are contracted we encourage your to visit our facility and view our process. (Employee First Hand Knowledge of Destruction).

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01 2013

Magnolia Data Solutions is Currently awaiting ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Audits

Magnolia Data Solutions, LLC is pleased to formally announce they are currently seeking both ISO14001 & OHSAS 18001 Certifications

Magnolia Data Solutions plans to achieve both ISO14001 & OHSAS 18001 by the 3rd quarter of 2013 to add to our existing R2 certification as we work through the audit process. As a R2 (Certified), ISO14001 (Pending), OHSAS18001  (Pending) certified facility, we hope to provide an extra sense of security that our clients rely on as their electronics recycler. With regular internal audits Magnolia Data Solutions clients will have the peace of mind that we are meeting or exceeding all legal & environmental regulations eliminating their long term liability from data breaches and negative environmental impacts.

Conversely, selecting the wrong recycler can put your company at unnecessary legal and financial risk. Especially with crucial services such as Hard Drive Data Destruction and Electronic Recycling Services.


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NAID Data Destruction Hard Drive Shredding Mississippi Tennessee Alabama Texas Louisiana

Magnolia Data Solutions, LLC a Mississippi company with nationwide capabilities  has obtained NAID Membership ( National Association for Information Destruction ) so our customers and clients will feel more secure with our Data Destruction practices.

NAID® is the international trade association for companies providing information  destruction services. Suppliers of products, equipment and services to destruction companies are also eligible for membership. NAID’s mission is to promote the information destruction industry and the standards and ethics of its member companies.

If your business is looking for secure on-site or off-site hard drive shredding, deguassing,  compliant drive wiping , choose Magnolia Data Solutions for all your data destruction needs.

Compliant Destruction Services

Compliant Destruction Services




How To Find The Right Electronic Recycler For Electronic Waste

How To Find The Right Electronic Recycler For Electronic Waste

Imagine you find a new assignment on your desk,  Dispose of the company’s old electronic equipment. You search online for electronics recyclers and you find four companies that are located within your state. All of them have well-designed, professional-looking Websites. They all claim to process materials in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations. So who do you choose? You compare prices and they all seem relatively similar. So you pick one at random and give them a call. The representative sounds nice enough on the phone, so you use their company. A week later, your equipment is gone, and you tell your supervisor that you’re ready for your next task.

This is probably a typical process for many companies. However, there are many problems that can arise. First of all, who are you actually giving your equipment to? Is this a real recycling company, registered with the secretary of state. How long have they been in business and a member of the better business bureau? Do they have proper insurance and certification to protect you from future liability. Do they have the expertise to process CRT glass, toner, circuit boards, mercury containing articles and many other types of hazardous equipment? In all reality, all you need is a phone and a computer to appear as if you are running a business.

60 Minutes completed an investigation of an electronics recycling company in Colorado back in 2009. The footage showed that even though the company claimed to process in accordance with all environmental regulations, materials were being illegally exported to China. The video will show you how these materials are poorly separated by harmful measures to recover valuable materials. The management of that same company now faces several criminal charges for illegally exporting hazardous waste.

How do you avoid giving your equipment to a recycler like this? When you are looking at your potential vendors. One good practice would be to evaluate the third-party certifications that they hold. You see that of the four companies, one is R2 certified,  and the others have no certifications. Which means they are regularly audited by ISO certified auditors.  You should immediately eliminate any company without these certifications.Many companies will try to convince you they are EPA certified because they may be listed on a states list of recyclers. There is no such certification from the EPA nor does the EPA certify companies in any way when it comes to electronics. The safest way to select your recycling partner is to meet with an account rep in person or visit their facility yourself. By doing this, you get to meet their staff. You get to see their processes. You can look at their facility security. You can check for cleanliness. Is this a company that appears to be able to properly manage your equipment?

You can ask these questions:

  • How do you keep my equipment safe until data is destroyed?
  • Where do you perform data sanitation for hard drives?
  • Are your regularly audited, View there audit reports from ISO certified auditors?
  • How do you process your CRT glass and where do you send the glass.
  • What materials are exported out of the country, if applicable ask why?
  • How many security cameras do you have inside and outside your facility?


Any repeatable recycler will disclose these questions to you and prove it with the proper documentation supporting their claims, They may ask you sign a non-disclosure agreement but will provide the information. just imagine that you selected the recycler who is now facing the criminal charges. Your boss comes to you tomorrow and tells you that your company is now being investigated because several computers were found overseas with your company’s asset tags on them. He wants to know who you sent the equipment to, and how you evaluated them. Telling him that “they had a nice Website and were friendly” probably won’t be sufficient. Meet with your recyclers!

Magnolia Data Solutions prides itself on being a R2 certified facility and having the highest level integrity in the industry.
Call us today and let us help you solve your problem and prevent future long term liability.

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10 2012

Credit Card Breaches underscore the need for secure Data Destruction, MS, TN, LA, TX, AL

Credit Card Breaches

With all the recent breaches of credit card data stolen and resold, its more important than ever to secure your data from hackers and corporate theft. As a business, any person or business that owns or licenses computerized data that includes credit card information must follow Compliant Data Destruction protocols. As a NAID Member and R2 Certified Responsible Recycler, Magnolia Data Solutions specializes in destroying this kind of data. MDS currently operates two shredders capable of shredding thousands of hard drives, DLT Tapes or other information containing devices per day.

More Data Destruction Options

Magnolia Data Solutions now adds another option to our list of  our Secure Hard Drive Data Destruction services. @Active Killdisk exceeds the Department of Defense standard ensuring that your sensitive and regulated information has been destroyed using the most effective measures.

Active@ KillDisk is a powerful Hard Drive Eraser that completely rewrites all data on hard drives. KillDisk conforms to the US Department of Defense 5220.22-M Clearing and Sanitation Matrix by writing all addressable locations with a random character and subsequent verification.

Secure and Trusted

Our primary goal is to protect the integrity of our clients data. We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction and Data Destruction Management Form for all hard drives that we format via Active@ Kill Disk or physically destroy. We provide you with extra security when it comes to privacy laws.

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09 2012

New HIPAA Audit Program by the Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights

As many know, HIPAA regulations were amended under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009 to include specific notation procedures for data breaches. With these came tighter regulations for proper information Data Destruction procedures including Hard Drive Data Destruction.

Magnolia Data Solutions, LLC complies with all HIPPA standards and regulations and specializes in Secure On-site Hard Drive Data Destruction for Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama and also has the ability to provide complete nationwide coverage. In addition, the HHS office for Civil rights instituted a HIPAA Privacy Security Audit Program which checks to see if entities and their business partners are covered and might need more guidance from the government. The Audit recommends documentation of compliance efforts, review, a follow up visit and corrective practices.

Magnolia Data Solutions, LLC understands the importance of safeguarding Client Data from falling into criminals hands. Call us today to speak with one of our account executives about our Secure Data Destruction programs at 601-919-0062 and visit us at www.MagnoliaDataSolutions.com





07 2012

Electronics Recycling and Secure Data Destruction

Magnolia Data Solutions, LLC is Mississippi’s only R2 certified electronic recycler and adheres to the R2 guidelines. We are a National Electronic Recycling & Information Destruction Company. We handle electronic recycling, information destruction, excess inventory re-marketing, and waste identification needs for individuals and organizations of all sizes. MDS is positioned to meet the growing needs of a variety of companies, organizations, and government agencies to combat the negative impact electronic waste is having on our environment.

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Moving In The Right Direction

Federal Government Moving In The Right Direction

The United States General Services Administration announced that the US federal government will be banned from disposing of old electronics in all landfills.  This measure falls in line with several individual state laws that enforce a landfill ban on electronics for both residents and businesses.  Also announced was that federal agencies are now required to use a certified recycler for their  disposal.  This is a very significant step taken by the US government, the country’s largest consumer of electronics, which has faced scrutiny in years past on its e-waste disposal practices.  This new measure will ensure that all government-generated e-waste is processed by R2 or e-Stewards certified recyclers.

This creates an opportunity for electronics recyclers who have R2 or e-Stewards certification, as currently there are only a handful of recyclers on the GSA schedule with either certification.

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