Hard Drive Shredding Data Destruction FAQs

Hard Drive Shredding Data Destruction FAQs


Hard Drive Shredding FAQ's


hard drive degaussing shredding on siteQ: Why can't we just take our Hard Drives to the Dump?

A: Hard Drives could be stolen by theives, scanned for their information and sold to spammers or hackers leaving you responsible for improperly disposing of sensitive client/employee data. Especially if they have their identities stolen or bank accounts hacked.

Q: How do you secure the Hard Drives from our location to your facility?

A: We take custody of your Hard Drives releasing you from liability. Next the Hard Drives are placed in locked containers and transported via secure vehicles back to our secure facility for Hard Drive Shredding.

Q: How will I know that my data will be properly destroyed?

A: We use an Amerishred HD 750 to pulverize and completely destroy any chance of data being recovered from your media. Upon request we can provide a destruction certificate with serial numbers which shows which drives were destroyed.

Q: Do you provide a Certificate of Destruction?

A: Yes, for customers who request a Certificate of Destruction we will generate one complete with the serial numbers of all drives that were shredded.

Q: Are there laws that require my company to keep sensitive data secure?

A: YES There is. Statutes like the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Federal Trade Commission Act may require you to provide reasonable security for sensitive information. To find out more, visit www.ftc.gov/privacy.

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Data Destruction Certificate

Available upon request for contracted Data Destruction services.

hard drive data destruction shredding certificate

Hard Drive Shredding Data Destruction FAQs