Laboratory Medical Equipment Recycling FAQs

Laboratory Medical Equipment Recycling FAQs


Lab & Med Equipment Recycling FAQ's


lab equipment recyclingQ: Can you remove large pieces of Lab or Medical Equipment?

A: R2 Recyclers have an obligation to ensure that what they're recycling ends up being disposed of in environmentally friendly ways. Choosing a Recycler without R2 means its entirely possible that they simply send everything to a landfill.

Q: Do you destroy any sensitive data stored on Hard Drives or Tape Media?

A: In many states, certain electronics like Cathode Ray Tubes are considered hazardous waste and cannot be thrown away in landfills. They contain lead and other ground water contaminating chemical compounds that must be properly recycled.

Q: Isn’t My Equipment Worth Something?

A: With the cost of new computer equipment dropping each year, your used devices are worth less and less. The resale market for used equipment in the United States is extremely low due to regular product innovation. Simply put, older machines regularly do not fit the system requirements needed to optimally run the newest software programs. Machine upgrades have become less of a priority for most organizations, given that they can purchase a new machine cost-effectively. However, Magnolia Data Solutions recognizes that some equipment when in working may retain some portion of its residual value. In these situations, MDS may credit a portion of the residual value back to the customer to cover recycling costs or purchase out right from the client.

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Laboratory Medical Equipment Recycling FAQs