R2 Certified Electronics Recycling Jackson MS Birmingham Al New Orleans LA

R2 Certified Electronics Recycling Jackson MS Birmingham Al New Orleans LA


Who We Are

Magnolia Data Solutions, LLC is Mississippi's only certified electronic recycler and adheres to the R2 guidelines. We are a National Electronic Recycling & Information Destruction Company. We handle electronic recycling, information destruction, excess inventory re-marketing, and waste identification needs for individuals and organizations of all sizes. MDS is positioned to meet the growing needs of a variety of companies, organizations, and government agencies to combat the negative impact electronic waste is having on our environment.

data destruction birmingham alMagnolia Data Solutions, LLC received the R2 certification in the first quarter of 2012. The founding principles of this certification are listed below.

  • Develop and use a management system that covers environmental, worker safety, and public health practices on-site and downstream management of end-of-life (EOL) equipment and materials.
  • Establish a policy that promotes reuse and materials recovery for end of life equipment and materials.
  • Comply with environmental, health, and safety legal requirements, both domestically and internationally, that are applicable to the recyclers' operations.
  • Use practices to reduce exposures and emissions during recycling operations.
  • Export focus materials only to foreign countries that legally accept them.
  • Focus materials are: cathode ray tubes (CRTs) and CRT glass; circuit boards, batteries and items containing mercury and/or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), both in end of life equipment and when separated as components.
  • Send end of life equipment and all material derived from this equipment, that contain focus materials only to facilities that are properly licensed to receive these materials, and use technology designed to safely and effectively manage these materials - whether in the U.S. or another country.
  • Ensure that an electronics recycler does not use energy recovery, incineration, or land disposal as a management strategy for focus materials or equipment and components containing focus materials. However, if circumstances beyond the control of the R2 recycler disrupt its normal management of a focus material, it may consider these technologies to the extent allowed under applicable law.
  • Exercise due diligence in ensuring that downstream recyclers and processors manage recycled materials appropriately, throughout the downstream recycling chain.
  • Ensure that materials going for reuse are refurbished and tested for functionality. Also that residual focus materials are managed responsibly.
  • Ensure that personal data on end of life electronics going to reuse or recycling are cleared or destroyed.
  • Track throughout and keep records. Store and transport material securely and safely. Possess insurance, closure plans, and financial mechanisms to cover the potential risks of the facility operations.

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R2 Certified Electronics Recycling Jackson MS Birmingham Al New Orleans LA