Magnolia Data Solutions customizes every recycling project differently; however, we usually use the same basic principles.

We custom build every program based on our client’s needs, and projects can vary from data destruction, to complete refurbishment and reuse based on our client’s wishes. At Magnolia Data Solutions, we keep four key elements in mind: Compliance, Risk Migration, Protecting Workers and Satisfying our Clients. Below is a sample recycling process. To learn more about building your own program contact a Magnolia Data Solutions Associate.

Example Recycling Process

  1. Collection / Transport – Magnolia Data Solutions sends trained employees to collect and securely transport materials from the clients place of business or contracts an audited 3rd party freight transporter for shipments outside of our driving area.
  2. Receiving Materials are unloaded into our secure facility and weighed.
  3. Sorting / Tracking – Once items are received, we start the sorting process and separate by waste type which include focus material, universal waste and metals.
  4. Processing Once sorted materials are designated for one of several processes which include: reuse, disassembly or shredding.
  5. Recycling Once processing is complete we recycle all left over material with no item reaching the waste stream.
  6. Documentation Magnolia Data Solutions issues a Certificate of Destruction (COD) and/or Recycling (COR) for your records.

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