Magnolia Data Solutions is a Nationwide Recycler of Laboratory Equipment, Scientific Instruments and Medical Peripherals. A solutions provider for dealing with environmental issues and sensitive proprietary information.

R2 Certified, we abide by all data destruction guidelines for the safe and secure removal of classified information stored on Laboratory Equipment hard drives per HIPAA guidelines and ensure everything is recycled through final disposition. We’ll advise you on the safest practices for securing your data from theft or falling into the wrong hands.

Examples of Items We Accept

Autoclaves Counters Gas Chromatographs
Balances Dispensers/Diluters Glassware/Labware
Stirrers/Mixers Dryers/Dessicators Spectrophotometers
Testers/Analyzers Electrophoresis Heaters/Temp Controllers
Chromatography/FPLC Freeze Dryers Hotplate Stirrers/Hot Plates
Circulators Titrators HPLC
Microplate Readers Microscopes Microtomes
Pipettors Baths Molecular Biology
Furnaces/Ovens Viscometers Mills
Reactors/Fermenters Recorders Refrigerators
Regulators Rotators Water Purification

How To Reach Us

1 (601) 919-0062

Our Certifications

Perry Johnson Registrars