Magnolia Data Solutions offers a Five Step On-Site Data Destruction process!

  • Arrive at your Facility with our AMS-150HD Mobile Hard Drive Shredder (Video shown).
  • Scan each individual Hard Drive serial number prior to destruction.
  • Destroy each individual Hard Drive by means of mechanical Shredding.
  • Provide each client with a USB data storage containing the individual serial numbers of each Shredded Hard Drive.
  • Provide the client with a Hard Drive Certificate of Destruction with optional listing of individual Hard Drive serial numbers for your records.

Magnolia Data Solutions, LLC offers complete turnkey logistics solutions, ensuring that you do not have to waste precious time or resources managing the process of electronic asset disposal.

We provide:

  • Professional On-Site Pickup Services
  • Manifest / Weights
  • Drive / Media Erasure or Destruction
  • Regional and Nationwide Pickup Available
  • After-Hours and Weekend Services

How To Reach Us

1 (601) 919-0062

Our Certifications

Perry Johnson Registrars